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Any number of 50 paylines can be activated, but less than all paylines means that not all winning combinations will be counted, and when certain symbols are stacked on the reels, most gamblers want to play All lines. It only takes 0.50 to complete, and the upper limit is set to 250.00 per rotation. The winning line is made in the usual way, the active line needs matching symbols, on the adjacent reels on the left, and the viewing of the odds table tells you how many line bets each combination has won.

A round blue scatter symbol, on the upper edge of the golden braid, will pay for multiples of the total bet, not just the amount of each bet. When it stops at any 2 speeds at the same time, you only win 2 times the bet, although any 3, 4 or 5 will not only return the higher 4 times, 30 times or 400 times win rate, but also 10 times Free spins.

In these spins, you will be expected to benefit from the stacked Monkey Warrior symbols, which can create high-yield wins throughout the symbol, and in addition, the value of any prize will triple, making it possible to bring the best game expenditure. If 3 or more scatters occur in a free spin, re-trigger it and add another 10 games at the end of any remaining points in the current round.

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