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You can get two big rewards in this game. One is a fixed jackpot, which can pay 1,000 times the principal, which can mean up to $ 125,000 in cash, depending on the rotating bet. The other will also vary with the bet value. It can provide up to 500 times the principal, which is $ 62,500, but you need to form a combined Moose symbol on all lines.

Wolf Hunt will also play Wolf Respins. These icons need to have "golden footprint" icons, at least six on the reels. In the following re-spin process, you can get cash rewards, or you can land one of the fixed jackpots. You have 3 reels, and if other "Golden Footprint" icons land, the numbers will be reset. You will get coins or holes. For the jackpot, you need to cover the icons in all 15 positions.

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