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Funky Monkey only provides a payment line, which is the most basic slot game in online and real life. The limited pay line reduces the player's chance of winning a prize, which may be annoying for many casino players. However, for the novices who belong to the slot machine category as a whole, this new title is their perfect game style because it gives them the opportunity to better understand how such games work. With flashing lights and tacky heads to minimize interference, what can be said about the simplicity of "fashionable monkeys".

The game ’s paytable is located at the top of the reels, so players can accurately see the bonuses that can be won throughout the game, and the available payouts are also very good-the bonus is up to 2500 times the amount of basic bets you can win!

Below these three slot machine turntables, there are three buttons, one of which displays as "bet one". The "Bet" button increases the bet to bet and the amount that can be won. At the lowest bet amount, the reward amount won is 10 times to 800 times the bet amount; the middle part of the odds table shows that the player can win a gain between 20 times and 1600 times the bet amount, And the highest part of the bet gives players the opportunity to win between 30 times and 2500 times the bet amount. For such a simple and simple game, these awards are very high, and may be very tempting for some players.

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