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The rules of the online casino war are very basic. The six decks are divided equally between the player and the dealer; before the cards are dealt, the player makes an initial bet. From here, both the player and the dealer receive a card; if the player's value is higher than the opponent's, they will win a hand and receive an even return on the principal (ie double bet).

As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons why the battle for online casinos is so popular is because players have an equal chance of winning. This is because when the first hand is drawn, both players and dealers have a 46.3% chance of winning the championship.

Of course, if the house does not maintain a little advantage, it will not become a house. When the game progresses to a draw and the player surrenders, this happens in a casino war. If the player decides to abandon his card, the house will win-even if it is half of the win before the draw.

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